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Get a Free Databox Video Audit

Are you creating a lot of video content and are unsure how it's influencing your business? When used the right way, video can help personalize your brand, engage with leads, and close more customers.

Schedule 30 minutes with us to go over your current video content and offer advice on how to maximize the value you can get from it.

Disclaimer: In order to provide all of the reports we need, your videos must be hosted by either Wistia and/or YouTube. If you are also using HubSpot to track lead generation and sales efforts we will connect that too.


Here are the Sources You’ll Need to Provide Access to for us to Begin:





We Will Help You Make Data-Driven Decisions

After scheduling 30 minutes with us, you will receive instructions on how to create your Databox Account, implement the databoard templates and connect the data sources. We will meet to discuss how to use these reports and how to find insights from the data. You will have 100% access to these reports once the audit is complete.

Here are the two reports we will create with you:

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 9.20.54 AM-1


This report will highlight how your YouTube channel is performing and provide real time data that will guide your video creation and promotion strategies moving forward.

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 9.16.13 AM-1


By implementing this report and extracting the right insights, you'll make video promotion and creative decisions with confidence. Learn how your videos are influencing your digital marketing efforts.

What’s Reporting Without Insights?

Here's what you'll get when scheduling a performance audit with us:

VIDEO REPORTS (Wistia + Youtube)


Free Databox account creation

Data source connections

Reports setup

30 minute Zoom meeting to go over reports and insights.

Public links to review your reports on a regular basis.

BONUS REPORT: If using HubSpot we will setup a HubSpot Databoard.


Get Started with Your Free Video Audit

Schedule a 30 minute meeting with us below to get started with tracking and growing your video efforts.