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Performance Audit

A marketing & sales strategy is only as effective as the metrics you focus on and the accuracy of the data that helps you make decisions. Without understanding what metrics are important, how to measure them, and what tactics will help you improve them, your digital strategy will feel like an endless string of trials without knowing whether or not your strategy is succeeding.

We would like to set you up with three simple reports and provide advice on how to accurately read the data and create action from it.

Disclaimer: This offer is only available to HubSpot users who run their marketing and blog campaigns through the tool. If you're interested in signing up for HubSpot, schedule 15 minutes with us and we will get you started with a FREE account.


Here are the Sources You’ll Need to Provide Access to for us to Begin:





We Will Help You Make Data-Driven Decisions

After scheduling 15 minutes with us, we will meet to exchange user access and discuss the setup for the 3 online reports that we will deliver. You will have 100% access to these reports once the audit is complete.

Here are the Three Reports We Will Create for You:

Blogging Performance HubSpot


This report will provide insight into the top performing blogs, the keywords/topics your site is currently ranking well for, and the optimizations you can make to move the needle on traffic to the site from your blog content.

Lead Generation HubSpot

Lead Generation

This report will tell us how your inbound efforts are going. Are you converting visitors into leads? Are you nurturing leads effectively through email marketing efforts? You’ll find opportunities to improve on your key performance metrics to bring more leads and eventually customers.

What’s Reporting Without Insights?

If you’re interested in a more in-depth analysis of your website and lead generation performance, we can provide you with a $500 audit of your HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Search Console portals to help find actionable opportunities for your business.


 3 Reports (SEO, Blogging, Lead Gen)

 15 Min. Zoom meeting to discuss report setup



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